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Elster Instromet Positive Displacement Gas Meters

Elster Instromet rotary gas meters are volume measuring devices for gaseous media and operate according to the positive displacement principle.


103 – Pulse Chatterbox

Intrinsically Safe Opto-Isolation Unit

The Chatterbox-e unit provides the necessary safety isolation between equipment generating pulses in the hazardous area and non intrinsically safe equipment located in the safe area. The unit must be installed in the safe area and is suitable for connection to equipment in hazardous areas Zone 0, 1 or 2.

Intrinsic Safety : BASEEFA 05 ATEX 0429 II(1) G [EEx ia] IIC

Output : 4 x channels (220ms pulse, current sinking output capable of accepting up to 20V, 130mA)

Power Supply : Lithium cells giving an estimated life in excess of 10 years

Enclosure : Weatherproof aluminium enclosure IP66 (equivalent to: NEMA 4x) rated

103 - Pulse Chatterbox Unit Datasheet

103 - Pulse Chatterbox Unit