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Steel Gate Valves

Screwed and flanged gate valves constructed in steel body materials.

1822V – Gate Valve

Carbon Steel ANSI Gate Valve

Flanged carbon steel full bore gate valve particularly suited for process, off shore and petro-chemical industry use.

Size : 2″ (50mm) to 24″ (600mm)

Connection : Flanged – ANSI 150/300/600 (other drillings on request)

Fluids : Air – Inert Gas – Oil – Steam – Water

Operation : Handwheel | Gearbox | Pneumatic, Electric or Hydraulic Actuator

1822V Gate Valve Datasheet

1822V Gate Valve

650 – Gate (Parallel Slide) Valve

Cast Steel Gate (Parallel Slide) Valve

Flanged cast steel full bore gate (parallel slide) valve with spring loaded discs.

Size : 2″ (50mm) to 12″ (300mm)

Connection : Flanged – BS4504 PN10/16/25/40 (other drillings on request)

Fluids : Steam – Water

Operation : Handwheel

650 Gate Valve Datasheet

650 Gate Valve