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M190 – Water Meter

Elster (Kent Meters) Multi-Jet Warm Water Meter up to 90°C

The Elster M190 is a multi-jet warm water meter with a dry register. It operates on the velocity principle in which water enters the measuring chamber through a number of ports and drives the inner rotor.

Size : 15mm to 40mm

Duty : Warm water up to 90°C

Approvals : EEC approved Calibration class B-H

Communications : Factory fitted pulse output

M190 Wulti-Jet Warm Water Meter DatasheetOrder M190 Water Meters from our online shop

M190 Elster Multi Jet Warm Water Meter

H4300 – Water Meter

Elster Woltmann (Turbine) Bulk Hot Water Meter up to 120°C

Elster H4300 Woltmann water meters are designed for measuring bulk flows of hot water up to 120°C in commercial and industrial applications.

Size : 50mm to 200mm

Duty : Hot water up to 120°C

Approvals : EN 1434

Communications : Factory fitted pulse output

H4300 Elster Woltmann Bulk Hot Water Meter Datasheet

H4300 Elster Woltmann Hot Water Meter