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Butterfly Valves

Industrial & HVAC Butterfly Valves >>>

Johnson Valves offer a range of wafer, lugged & tapped butterfly valves in various construction materials allowing them to be used in many applications including heating & air conditioning, water distribution & treatment, agricultural, compressed air, oils and gasses. We can also offer a range of manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators to suit.

Marine Butterfly Valves >>>

We offer a range of butterfly valves particularly suited for marine applications such as ballast systems, oil cargo pumping systems and shipside duties. They have type approvals by Lloyds, DNV, B.V, RINA, ABS, GL, and on request 3.1 and 3.2 certification is available. We can also offer a range of manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators to suit.

High-Performance Butterfly Valves >>>

For applications from vacuum to very high-pressure service, and from low to very high-temperature service. Suitable for any severe process, we offer a range of soft seat, metal seat and fire-safe seat HIGH-PERFORMANCE butterfly valves. These valves are tested according to International standards like API 598-MSS SP 61-BS 6755 and ANSI B 16.104.

Butterfly Valve Types

Wafer Butterfly Valves

Fully Lugged Butterfly Valves

Mono Flanged Butterfly Valves

Double Flanged Butterfly Valves


Fully Lugged

Mono Flanged

Double Flanged

Butterfly Valve Applications

Industrial & HVAC Butterfly Valves

 Marine Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves

Industrial & HVAC


High Performance

Actuated Butterfly Valves

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves


Electric Actuated

Pneumatic Actuated

Branded Butterfly Valves

Keystone Butterfly Valves