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Elster Instromet Positive Displacement Gas Meters

Elster Instromet rotary gas meters are volume measuring devices for gaseous media and operate according to the positive displacement principle.


103 – Pulse Chatterbox

Intrinsically Safe Opto-Isolation Unit

The Chatterbox-e unit provides the necessary safety isolation between equipment generating pulses in the hazardous area and non-intrinsically safe equipment located in the safe area. The unit must be installed in the safe area and is suitable for connection to equipment in hazardous areas Zone 0, 1 or 2.

Intrinsic Safety : BASEEFA 05 ATEX 0429 II(1) G [EEx ia] IIC

Output : 4 x channels (220ms pulse, current sinking output capable of accepting up to 20V, 130mA)

Power Supply : Lithium cells giving an estimated life in excess of 10 years

Enclosure : Weatherproof aluminium enclosure IP66 (equivalent to: NEMA 4x) rated

103 - Pulse Chatterbox Unit Datasheet

103 - Pulse Chatterbox Unit