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Data Loggers & Remote Displays

Data loggers and remote displays enable users to easily read and retrieve data from a range of compatible meters.

T210 – Remote Display

Elster Honeywell Remote LCD Display Pulse Reader / Counter / Totaliser

The Elster T210 Scancounter is a cost-effective, remote wall counter, specifically designed to display an accurate meter reading in LCD form and can be installed in a location easily accessed by the meter reader.

Display : LCD 8 digits

Power : 3.6v Long life lithium battery

Display Units : M³, Gallons, Litres, Cu ft, kl

Compatibility : Most pulsed outputs & open collector pulsers

T210 - Elster Honeywell Remote Display Datasheet

T210 Elster Scancounter Display

101A – Data Logger

Pulse Data Logger c/w Windows Software

The 101A is a low-cost recording device that will sense a pulse input or contact closure from external sources such as transducers or pulse initiators (gas, water, and electric meters) and transform those inputs into engineering units.

Reading Rate : 1 every second to 1 every 24 hours

Power : 3.6v Long life lithium (replaceable)

Memory : 50,000 readings

Compatibility : Most pulsed outputs & open collector pulsers

101A - Pulse Data Logger Datasheet

101A Pulse Data Logger

ENSEMBLE – Remote Display

Wireless M-Bus LCD Display For Water Meters

These units receives data from water meters that communicate with the Wireless M-Bus protocol at 868MHz including the Elster V200H and V210H Hybrid water meters.

Display : Passive Matrix Vertically Aligned (PMVA)

Power : 230V 50Hz Transformer

Memory : 2 Months at 15 Minutes Resolution

Compatibility : Water meters with wireless M-Bus protocol at 868MHz

ENSEMBLE - Remote Display Datasheet

Ensemble Radio Remote Display