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By means of using fixed radio and GSM networks, Homerider Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) systems enable users to remotely read meters and detect leakages. This can significantly reduce costs as no manual readings need to be gathered on site and early detection of leaks and over-consumption helps save water, energy and the environment.


Fusion & WaterSPY System

WaterSPY is a solution for the monitoring of individual and small to medium water networks offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure SUSTAINABILITY for the duration of the monitoring.


WaterSPY uses the latest HOMERIDER technology as part of a comprehensive solution for water management and billing. The key components of WaterSPY are:
TRAK module which is attached to the meter and which wirelessly communicates via low power radio to the Call Rider Hub.
* A pulse sensor or probe suitable for use on the meter to be connected
* A Call Rider Hub which is a mains connected device using GSM Mobile network to communicate with central servers and which receives the low power radio transmissions from the TRAK modules.
* A suitable SIM, usually on a 2 year fixed contract.
* Repeaters, which extend the range of the low power radio communications between the TRAK module and the Call Rider Hub.


WaterSPY uses the HOMERIDER Fusion network. Data is transmitted on a daily basis to the HomeRider services and made available through the Fusion web-site or as a daily data file depending upon requirements.
The data file is provided through FTP and a semi-colon delimited file suitable for inserting into other systems.
Fusion provides an easy-to-use interface for the management of water data on a portfolio, site or individual meter basis. It is password controlled and can be made available to as few or as many users as required. Fusion also provides Alarm and Alert management features to identify early-stage issues such as excessive consumption, backflow, etc.


Comprehensive services to ensure installations are successful and remain working. There are four levels of service:

* Base – Provision of a data file on an annual basis. No access to Fusion or monitoring.
*Standard – Access to data via Fusion. Limited warranty support. Basic Help Desk support and limited warranty.
*Premiere – As Standard, advice on setting up Fusion for alarms & alerts. Extended warranty. Advanced Help Desk.
*Premiere Plus – As Premiere with monitoring of the network and fix on fail of supplied components.

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