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HQ-RBP – Electric Actuator c/w Battery Backup

The VT range of rack and pinion pneumatic actuators are designed for quarter turn applications on ball, butterfly, plug valves and dampers. They can be supplied single (spring return) or double acting with a wide range of output torques offering a complete valve automation solution.

Electric • 1/4 Turn • Battery Backup
ISO 5211 Mountings
F07 • F10 • F12
Power Supply
24VDC • 110/220VAC 50/60Hz (1-phase) • 380/440/460VAC 50/60Hz (3-phase)
Torque Range
80Nm to 300Nm
IP67 Watertight
Casing Material
Aluminium Alloy
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HQ-RBP - Electric Actuator c/w Battery Backup