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Modern Slavery Act 2015

Johnson Valves makes every reasonable effort to combat slavery and human trafficking in their supply chain and within their business. We take this responsibility very seriously and are proud of the measures
we have taken in this regard. This statement has been approved by our Directors and sets out the steps that we have taken during the previous fiscal year to combat slavery and human trafficking within the internal operations of our company or the suppliers, vendors and other companies we partner with around the world.

Our policies

Our employees are expected to act with the utmost integrity when dealing with fellow employees, guests, global communities, government agencies, vendors, contractors, service providers, agents and other business partners. We condemn all forms of child exploitation and forced labour and aim to comply with and support laws and regulations relevant to slavery and human trafficking. All of our employees are aware of and understand the company’s expectations and the importance of conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. Similarly, we continue to expect our business partners to respect and follow applicable laws and regulations and to promote ethical decisions in all aspects of their business.

Due diligence

We apply risk-based due diligence to our relationships with business partners. We decline to enter or continue business with any business partners who fail to complete the required due diligence requirements or who fail to meet our standards.


Employees and business partners are actively encouraged to raise and report any issues of concern to the Directors. All reports are reviewed, and investigations and corrective (or other) action are applied when appropriate. In accordance with this commitment to continuously monitor and improve our policies. The above processes are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that they are appropriate to our industry and business and that they remain effective.