716T – Bailey Birkett Pressure & Temperature Safety Relief Valve


The 716T protects unvented hot water systems, against both excess pressure and excess temperature. Increasing pressure is sensed by the spring, which automatically opens the relief valve at the pre-set pressure and the integral probe independently monitors increases in temperature, safely opening the relief valve. Supplied set to your requirements with a certificate confirming lift pressure at no additional cost.
Pressure & Temperature Relief • Side Discharge • Easing Lever
Size & Connections
20mm (3/4″) to 50mm (2″) BSP
Hot Water
Bronze Body • DZR Brass Internals • Silicone Trim
Set Pressure Range
2.4 to 10.3 bar
Lift Temperature
Approx. 90°C to 95°C (preset, not adjustable)
Compliance & Approvals
EN14890 • BS6283 • WRAS
716T – Bailey Birkett Pressure & Temperature Safety Relief Valve - PDF DatasheetWRAS Approved Product (EPDM Trim only)Bailey Birkett part of Emerson



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