ADJUSTA – Elster Water Meter Boundary Box


Below ground boundary water meter box designed to house a V210 water meter or any manifold meter with a concentric connection. These boxes are buried, usually in pavements and walkways.


Single Meter Port
Water Pipe Connection
25mm MPDE Pipe Tails
Meter Port
1 1/2″ BSP Coaxial Concentric (Meter Supplied Separately)
Isolation Valve
Built-in Screw-Down
Check (Non-Return) Valve
Built-in Single
0 to 16 Bar
Class 2RD • WIS No. 4-37-01 • WRAS Materials
 ADJUSTA - Elster Honeywell Water Meter Boundary Box - PDF DatasheetWRAS Approved MaterialsElster now part of Honeywell



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