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Safety & Pressure Reducing Valves for Hydrogen Applications

Hydrogen – The energy source for the future.


The electricity generation industry is facing difficulties in finding sustainable and eco-friendly resources and methods to produce electricity, as are the engineers and companies working on sustainable and green mobility concepts. While the production of hydrogen is currently feasible through the use of fossil fuels, newer and more innovative processes like electrolysis have been gaining popularity. In this process, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen.

Green Energy

If the electricity needed for producing hydrogen comes from renewable sources, then that hydrogen is considered green. This method of acquiring an energy source and a possible way to store electricity (since the process can be reversed) is innovative and has great potential for future mobility. It’s evident that green energy is going to be crucial in the future.


Goetze safety valves ensure safe handling of hydrogen at every stage, from retrieval to application in electric processes or fuel cell vehicles at hydrogen filling stations. Goetze valves provide protection during high-pressure filling processes or storage of liquid hydrogen in tanks. This ensures safer handling of hydrogen and makes it a more appealing option for both human use and environmental impact.


Hydrogen Safety Valves - Threaded

Hydrogen Safety Valves – Threaded

Hydrogen Safety Valves - Flanged

Hydrogen Safety Valves – Flanged

Hydrogen Pressure Reducing Valves

Hydrogen Pressure Reducing Valves